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Bankruptcy Attorney in Kennesaw, Georgia

Are You Struggling to Pay Your Debts?

Many Georgia residents are suffering during the down-turn in the economy dealing with overwhelming debt, sky-high mortgage payments, and other debt-related problems. Whether your debt is due to huge medical bills, unexpected expenses, or a lost job, at Georgia Family Law, P.C. we work with you to get you the help you deserve. At Georgia Family Law, P.C., we understand that you are probably being chased by creditor calls, home foreclosure warnings, and wage garnishments. We also understand that time is of the essence and it is imperative that we resolve your financial situation as quickly as possible to protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

At Georgia Family Law, P.C., we don’t rush you into Bankruptcy without reviewing all of your options with you. We work with your Lender to see if you are eligible to obtain a loan modification or a short sale. We also work with Financial Accountants and Financial Advisers to ensure that all of your options are financially sound for your protection not only today but in the future.

Take Control of Your Finances

It is important to keep in mind these important points

  • Bankruptcy is not necessarily to be avoided at all costs. In many cases, bankruptcy may actually be the best choice for you

  • If you sign up for a debt management plan that you can’t afford, you may end up in bankruptcy anyway (and a copy of the plan must also be filed in your bankruptcy case)

  • There are approved agencies for bankruptcy counseling that do not offer debt management plans.

Is Credit Counseling The Answer?

It is usually a good idea for you to meet with an attorney before you receive Credit Counseling. Unlike a credit counselor, who cannot give legal advice, an attorney can provide counseling on whether bankruptcy is the best option. If bankruptcy is not the right answer for you, a good attorney will offer a range of other suggestions. The attorney can also provide you with a list of approved credit counseling agencies, or you can check the website for the United States Trustee Program Office.