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Personal Injury

We represent the innocent victims in an automobile accident.

The Georgia Department of Transportation asked the question “Try to think of anyone that you know that hasn’t been affected by a car crash”. From 2000 to 2006 in Georgia over six million people were involved in a motor vehicle crash either as a driver or passenger or pedestrian. That is on average 2,394 people each day. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life in Georgia. Everyone has either been involved in an automobile accident or knows someone that has.

Do I need An Attorney? It Depends.

If you are involved in a simple fender-bender without any bodily injury, then you can work with your insurance company and that of the other driver to settle any claims arising from the automobile accident.

If on the other hand any of the following occur arising from the automobile accident, then you should contact an attorney who can help protect your rights:

  • Inability to work, attend school, or perform daily functions.

  • Serious injuries resulting, which include broken bones, surgery, and hospitalization.

  • Permanent Injuries or Death.

  • Third Parties are involved in the Automobile Accident which includes pedestrians and other vehicles.

  • The question of who is at fault has not been adequately answered.

There to Help You Seek Compensation
for Your Pain & Suffering
  • Inaccuracies in the police report which lists you as the party at fault.

  • If the other party is underinsured or worse has no insurance.

  • Important technical, legal, or medical issues are involved.

  • Your insurance company involves an Attorney.

NOTE - The Attorney for your insurance company represents the insurance company, not you.

Automobile Accident Checklist.

Stop – It is the law unless you are injured or have to go with an injured person to the Hospital.

Medical Attention – If you or someone else needs Medical Attention, arrange for this first.

Safety – Your safety and that of those around you is your number one priority.

Call the Police – Dial 911 to ensure your rights are protected.

Statements – Only make Statements to the Police that are necessary to explain what happened.

Identification – Exchange Drivers License, Registration, and Insurance with the other drive and the police. Make sure to obtain the same information from the other driver.

Witnesses – Get Witness's name, address, contact information, and their comments.